D M & D, Paris, France

D M & D is a French law firm located at 147 rue de Rennes in Paris, France, since 1984. The firm ensures each matter undertaken receives the personal attention of one of the partners responsible for the service provided.

D, M & D has always taken an active role in promoting the interests of its clients, mostly franchisers and employers, speaking at conferences and writing articles for publications, which have contributed to the development of those interests within a favourable business climate and a suitable legal framework.

We work with large companies as well as medium-sized businesses. In addition to the legal services, our partners have links with other professionals. Our attorneys are renowned in their own areas of law and therefore demand the same high standards for their clients, whatever the matter concerned.

We do understand the challenges of cross border business and have developed an integrated network that makes this process as smooth as possible.

Distribution law

The Firm’s main activity is Distribution law.

We have developed a strong reputation in advises on the creation of distribution networks both in France and abroad, drafting, drawing up contracts and dealing with any litigation aspects. Services cover a wide range of commercial activities generating work across in other fields, acting for franchisors, advising international companies on all aspects of Franchising and Distribution (precontractual information, franchising agreements, litigation in the Tribunals and Courts of Appeal).

Founding Member of LAWROPE

D M & D is the founding member of LAWROPE, a Grouping of 19 law firms with representatives across Europe, Latin America, the United States of America and Canada, created in 1991. LAWROPE understands the challenges of cross border business and has developed an integrated network of law firms that makes this process as smooth as possible. Many partners are renowned in their own particular areas of the law. With its 31 years experience of working closely together, Lawrope’s independent member law firms have the capacity to provide a seamless, client-focused international legal service at a realistic cost.


D M & D

147 rue de Rennes 75006 Paris, France

Tel: 33 1 44 39 00 80

Fax: 33 1 40 49 07 44

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